Donations to the SAFD Foundation contribute to innovation, creativity and resources that improve the study environment

About The Foundation

Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design has in more than 80 years educated many leading fashion designers, stylists and business people within the Danish and international fashion industry.

SAFD has created the SAFD Foundation with the purpose to enable students to follow their professional and creative goals. Gifts and donations to the SAFD Foundation have an immediate impact because they will be utilized within the year they have been given. Donations from alumni, friends, companies, foundations and others play a major role in our ability to fulfil our mission to educate creative people who contribute responsibly to the society.

Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design is proud to offer a professional and resourceful education within fashion and design to talented students from all over Europe. SAFD is a private school and does not receive support from government institutions but is instead financed by revenues from the education, courses and similar.

Even though Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design already has a leading education within fashion educations in Northern Europe we constantly aim to improve the education. Especially, we wish to create a better collaborative environment between graduates and people within the industry as well as a better research that leads to innovations across the study program, awards and financial support.

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