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Education fees totaling 198.000 DKK due in the following installments:

1st Rate 1. June 39.500 DKK
2nd Rate 1. November 39.500 DKK
3rd Rate 1. May 39.500 DKK
4th Rate 1. November 39.500 DKK
5th Rate 1. May 20.000 DKK
6th Rate 1. November 20.000 DKK

SU and Grants

The students have the opportunity to receive SU at 6.166 DKK per month for living away from parental home and up to 3.066 DKK per month for living at home with parents. Students will also receive SU-allowance for an additional 2.407 DKK per month since SAFD is a private school. Thus, students can receive up to 308.628 DKK over the 3 years of the education. Moreover, there will be an opportunity to make a SU loan of 3.155 DKK per month.

You can read more about SU her.


At enrollment a deposit of 4,000 DKK is paid, which is refundable upon payment of 6th rate. For cancellation or interruption of the education forfeits deposit.

Payment for SAFD can be made via bank transfer to the school account in Nordea:

Reg No. 2191
Account No. 0102 303083

Regarding payments from abroad, use the following:

IBAN: DK9220000102303083