SAFDs goal is to educate fashion designers that, with their resources, will be able to develop a quality product containing identity and personality


Fashion is an expression of our time. Clothing should reflect the community and ask questions there. Throughout the education, SAFD seeks to develop aesthetic, creative and technical potential to strengthen students in their creativity and to take a stand. The education task is to open up new horizons, thus stimulating students to innovation in their design process. Fashion and trends are constantly on the rapid change in order to keep consumers interested. Students must be inquisitive, investigative and experimental. The students clothing should reflect society and show a deeper understanding therein. Art, culture, society, aesthetics and philosophy are areas that are discussed in detail.

Throughout the education, the students will be challenged to exceed their own limits, to create new forms, materials handling and color combinations. The goal is through craft skills to achieve innovative and new interpretations of what already exists. Through research and design process, the students gets a basic understanding of inspiration, shape and depth, elements which are essential to move forward in the design process. The aim is that the students should be able to combine their natural creative aspect of the art, so the issues that the business will make them can be solved in a highly professional manner. At the same time, it is the students duty to contribute to modern society with innovation, quality and sustainability.

Students from SAFD will be selected based on their strong personality, creativity and willingness to develop their design features. The schools international environment leads to a high degree of creative development among students, both during and after the education.

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Our faculty of renowned educators, designers and academics have nationally and internationally, great experience, and the school has educated some of the greatest Scandinavian designers who have performed well both at home and abroad. SAFD have students from around the world and at some workshops and lectures we have visits from guest lecturers, also from both home and abroad. The school position will also ensure that all our students will receive individualized mentoring from the very people who are helping to contribute to the fashion industry.


By participating in large Scandinavian fashion events such as Copenhagen Fashion Week, SAFDs education is an excellent springboard for the students to the international fashion scene. During the education, the school has also brand and company projects as well as society and culture lessons. The knowledge that the students gain from these projects and lessons, they can take directly out into the fashion industry or related companies and institutions after graduation. In this way, fashion theory is included as a tool that they use to place fashion in a social, cultural context, and they provide the students insight in the fashion industry structures and working methods.

At SAFD, we aim to educate and prepare our students to the fashion industry, not only nationally, but also internationally. In a time where the West is lagging behind the East, looked at the number of clothing productions, it is important to improve the students abilities to produce ideas and creations that increases the interest in looking at fashion with new eyes. The changes in the fashion community affects everyone in the industry and SAFD sees it as an important factor that the school can dress the design students as best as possible to the reality that confronts them when they graduate.


SAFD appreciate its values​​, such as the students, teachers and staff at the school, which reflects the local community. We know that fashion has great potential as a tool for social change, and SAFD is therefore working towards equipping our future designers with a deep understanding of the social, economic and political forces that shape ideas into practice.