Here you can find content that focuses on everything that affects your student life like housing, the city, transport and much more

The City

Copenhagen is one of Europes biggest fashion cities, and surpasses both London, New York, Las Vegas, Berlin and Amsterdam, when the talking is about fashion week, and the number of participating brands. Fashion and textile is Denmarks fourth largest export industry, and the Danes spend about 50 billion. a year to renew their wardrobe, which is evident when you look at the citizens of Copenhagens fashionable style.

In addition to fashion, Copenhagen offers a wide range of cultural experiences within a broad spectrum of possibilities. The cultural opportunities ranging from Tivoli, Christiania, Copenhagen Opera House and the Royal Gardens to several Michelin restaurants, Nyhavn and the Royal Theatre. Generally speaking, Copenhagen is one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in Europe, and you will not be short of ideas and inspiration for experiencess and sights. The combination of canals, cobbled streets and historic buildings with striking architecture and a vibrant nightlife makes Copenhagen an exciting destination full of experiences.


Like most other capitals in Europe, Copenhagen is an expensive city to live in, but it is also a city with life experiences and dynamics. Propertys in Copenhagen are available in a wide variety of price ranges. Living alone can be expensive, but by finding roommate(s) that you have the opportunity to share an apartment with, you can save a lot of money. We can also recommend to search for dormitory rooms. On a college you live with other students, you expand your network, and you can participate in a lot of social activities. The rent is usually low compared to living in an apartment, and many colleges have internet, TV and laundry included in the rent.

You can get more information about housing in Copenhagen, visit our Questions and Answers page here.

Student Service

SAFD have placed their students in the driver’s seat and has therefore developed a study portal named MySAFD with the aim to create a sustainable platform for students, teachers and alumni. The goal is to create a service that combines and maintains diversity across classes and groups, while students, teachers and graduates can easily communicate both internally and externally.

Via MySAFD students will be able to create and share projects and works of art with each other and outsiders with our integrated online portfolio. Similarly, the school’s students can access a wide range of films, videos and e-books including documentaries, films about fashion history, show & backstage videos and e-books on pattern cutting, fashion history, marketing, sewing techniques, fashion drawing and much more.


SAFD is located on the shopping street “Strøget”, which is Copenhagen’s main artery and one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets with an abundance of shops, from budget-friendly chains to some of the world’s most expensive brands. Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design is thereby located in the heart of the Danish capital. With the school’s two floors and more than 600 square meters, SAFD is among the largest Nordic fashion and design schools, where the school’s students have free opportunity to display their creative talents.

Each team has their respective local, while the school also has two canteens with additional seating, a media room/library and a terrace.


Copenhagen is a big city, but there is still a great opportunity to walk around to different places in the city. SAFD is located within the center of Copenhagen and the distance from the school to cultural sites such as museums, cafes, shops etc. is therefore minimal. In addition, Copenhagen offer an excellent public transport system (metro, trains and buses) to bring people quickly across the city, and as a student at SAFD it is possible to get a discount on all public transport. There are also taxis available, but as everywhere in Europe, they are quite expensive.

Last but not least, we recommend our students to get a bike. Copenhagen is known as a cycling city in a class by itself.