Are you curious to see and hear more about SAFD and education? Come by our campus and see the school and get more info about the program

Visit SAFD

The best way to get more knowledge and more information about the school and the program is by visiting us. Our administration has the ability to accept several visits a week, allowing you to see SAFD at firsthand. As part of the session you will learn more about SAFDs design education, its content, info about the application process, and a tour of the school, where you get an insight into the school’s daily lives and the projects that the students are working on. We look forward to showing what SAFD has to offer you.

Group Visits

Just as it its possible for individuals to visit the school, it is of course also possible for groups, schools etc. to come visit us. Simply just provide the number of guests in our contact form under ‘Additional Notes’ so we can see, how many visitors that are coming.

Open House

Besides guests that have the opportunity to visit the school, we’re having open house events twice a year. Open house offers applicants and other interested the opportunity to visit the school. Here it will be possible to have a talk with the teachers, the staff and students as well as obtain in-depth information about the program, admission, tuition, student life, etc.

The next open house is currently being planned.

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