The school has in more than 85 years educated several leading apparel designers, stylists and business people within the Danish and the International fashion world

About The School

Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design (former Margrethe-Skolen) was founded by Margrethe Glad in 1931 and is named after the schools patroness Princess Margrethe of Bourbon-Parma. The reason for SAFDs success was partly Margrethe Glads social network in leading circles, and her travels to Paris, which she initially visited to renew her wardrobe, later to buy models for manufacturing in Copenhagen.

In addition, her language knowledge and pedagogical skills became her benefit. In the period when the school was established, the interest in the textile subjects was high even at the existing schools, but SAFDs education in cutting and sewing of elegant fashion with an international flavor was something quite new. Similarly, the study tours, she arranged to Paris for the schools students, was unusual at the time.

In 1937, Margrethe Glad moved to Frederiksholms Channel, where SAFD was firmly established in the premises at the beach, and the students learned cutting, sewing and draping with principles of the French haute couture tailoring. After a few years, Margrethe Glad retired from the school, and in 1945, SAFD moved to Badstuestræde led by Inga Madsen, who died in 2008, Thereafter Christina Beckman became director of the school. The school has since 1953 been at Østergade, but in 2012 the school moved back to larger and newer facilities in Badstuestræde.

The school official changed its name in 2017 when it went from Margrethe-Skolen to Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design (SAFD).


SAFD is located in the heart of Copenhagen and has, during a period of more than 85 years, trained many of the leading designers, stylists and business people in the Danish and international world of fashion. Today it is internationally known and respected for, as formulated by Createur Erik Mortensen:

“Not only having interpreted and taught about fashion, but also having insisted on inspiring students to discover the heart of all forms of creativity, fashion and esthetics. The shool has maintained an admirable level of prestige which is too high for those who intend to accept the easiest solutions.

Graduates of SAFD have achieved great recognition and success both nationally and internationally. Amongst others, can be named: Margit Brandt, Henriette Zobel, Susanne Rutzou, Bendikte Utzon, Lene Sand, Rene Gurskov, Rikke Ruhwald and Bitte Kai Rand. 

The aim of SAFD is to educate designers who with their ressources will be capable of developing a quality product encompassing identity and personality. Designers who have learnt to observe and analyse our environment, so that they are able to comply optimally with customers’ wishes.

The school has furthermore taken on the challenge of constantly developing and improving contacts with industry. The staff of professional instructors are all employed in the world of fashion; either in production or with their own brands. Thus they are constantly contributing with the latest trends whilst also creating contact between industry and students.


SAFDs strength lies in the creative approach to education in design. The positive, dynamic and creative atmosphere of the school stimulates the students to develop their personality, originality and individuality. This is a development which, through fundamental, factual and creative studies, endows the graduating student with an ability to realise design projects for industry, brands or their own production.

Achieving this result demands exertion and stamina. Students have to endure hard work to gain the basic tools of the trade in order to create new forms and show originality in their designs. They must be clever enough in their sketching to give expression to both creative and technical drawings, so that these can be used as guidelines in the process towards the optimal solution.

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte of Denmark is the schools protector and has established a fund from which the annual ‘Benedikte Prize’ is awarded. It was an honour and a pleasure when the princess herself graduated from the school and she has kept close contact with the institution since that time.