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Denmark's leading fashion and design school - Three-year SU eligible education, equivalent to a bachelor.

Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design is a fashion and design school located in the heart of Copenhagen. As the oldest fashion and design school in Denmark, SAFD has educated many of the leading fashion designers, stylists and business people in the danish and foreign fashion world and is today internationally known and respected. Our graduates have achieved great recognition and success both nationally and internationally, e.g. must be mentioned: Margit Brandt, Louise Lyngh Bjerregaard, Susanne Rützou, Benedikte Utzon, Lene Sand and Bitte Kai Rand.

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SAFD Designskolen

Workshops and Lectures

Personal development and gaining experience in the creative, technical and theoretical areas.

The objective is, through theoretical subjects and professional activities, to further develop knowledge and skills for a better understanding of what the fashion industry is all about and what it requires of one. To create an understanding of one’s responsibility as an executive designer in close contact with societal development.

SAFD 3-årig SU Berettiget Designskole Uddannelse
SAFD 3-årig SU Berettiget Designskole Uddannelse
SAFD 3-årig SU Berettiget Designskole Uddannelse

3-year SU Authorized Design School Education

Educating designers who will be able to develop solutions that contain  quality .

During the three-year course, students learn to research, analyze, experiment and explore a product on the basis of solid skills in crafts such as pattern design, sewing technique, draping and shaping.

After graduation, the students will be able to take on jobs in the fashion industry and be able to offer quality at the highest level both nationally and internationally. The students acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to start their own business, be employed in the fashion industry or assert themselves at a high creative level.

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Application and Admission Requirements

A future in the fashion industry? Send an application to SAFD to secure a place.

Taking a fashion design education is one of the best decisions you can make if you are interested in fashion and design. In order to be admitted to SAFD, students are required to have curiosity, interest and knowledge of fashion, culture and society. Emphasis is also placed on goals and determination on the part of the applicant, an ability to empathize and a desire to experiment. To be original in one’s expression, possess the ability to use the eye, and have a feeling for shape, color and material. The applicant must also have a formulated professional vision and a desire to make a name for themself within the industry after graduation.

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Design Courses

Explore your creativity with Evening courses, Day courses, Weekend courses, Summer school and Lectures.

The Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design holds more than 10 different evening and weekend courses as well as summer school, workshops and lectures several times a year. Here, the course participants are introduced to fashion and clothing in the modern world, and give the participants full immersion in theories and techniques for the fashion industry.

The Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design’s qualified and enthusiastic teachers will share their many years of experience within the fashion industry. The courses consist of small groups, with thorough and individual guidance in a creative environment.

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SAFD Design Kurser
SAFD Design Kurser
SAFD Design Kurser