Fashion is an expression of our time. Clothes must reflect society and ask questions about it. Through the education, Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design seeks to develop aesthetic, creative and technical prerequisites in order to strengthen the student in his work and to be able to take a stand. The education and our academy has the task of opening up new horizons and thereby stimulating the students to innovate in their design process. Fashion and trends are constantly moving in rapid shifts to keep consumers interested. The students must be curious, investigative and experimental. Their clothes and design must reflect society and bear the mark of an immersion in it. Art, culture, society, aesthetics and philosophy are areas that are explored in depth.

In the teaching process, the students are challenged to exceed their own limits, to create new forms, material treatments and color combinations. The goal is to achieve innovative combinations and reinterpretations of the already existing through craftsmanship skills. Through the research and the drawing process, the students get a basic insight into inspiration, form and depth, elements which are indispensable for moving forward in the design process. The aim is for the students to be able to combine their natural creative aspect with the technical, so that the problems that the business world will ask them can be solved in an extremely professional manner. At the same time, it will be the students’ duty to contribute to modern society with innovation, quality and sustainability.

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Vaerdier og Vision

Values and Vision

Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design’s goal is to educate designers who, with their resources, will be able to develop a quality product containing identity and personality. The students are chosen based on their strong personality, creativity and willingness to develop their design skills, and the school’s international environment leads to a high degree of creative development among the students, both during and after the education.

Our academy is also tasked with promoting and continuously improving our connection to the business community. The professional affiliated teachers are all employed within the industry either with their own brand or in industry. Thereby, they constantly contribute with current information from the industry, while at the same time creating an important contact between companies and students.

Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design greatly appreciates its values, which include the students, teachers and staff at the school. We know that fashion holds great potential as a tool for social change, and Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design therefore works towards equipping our future designers with a deep understanding of the social, economic and political forces that shape ideas into practice.


Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design’s strength is its artisanal and creative approach to design education. The place’s positive, dynamic and creative atmosphere encourages the students to develop personality, originality and individuality. A development which, through basic, factual and artificial studies, enables the student to be able to carry out design tasks for industry, brands or own production after graduation.

Getting there requires effort and perseverance. The students have to go through hard work to acquire basic tools to be able to create new forms and show originality in their designs. They must be skilled in their line to express both the creative and technical drawings, so that these can be communicated further in the process to the ultimate solution.

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte is the school’s patroness, and the school has set up a fund from which the Benedikte Prize is awarded. The Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design (formerly the Margrethe-Skolen) has had the pleasure and honor of educating Her Royal Highness, who has since maintained her connection to the place.



Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design’s graduates have for many years held a graduation show & event during the Copenhagen fashion week, which is visited by more than 40,000 international buyers, designers and press. Here, the students give their take on future fashion in the form of creative and craftsmanship skills. The invitees range from industry professionals, bloggers, influencers and journalists from home and abroad, to everyone who thinks that fashion is an essential field that is worth participating in and exciting to explore.

By participating in major Scandinavian fashion events, such as Copenhagen Fashion Week, Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design’s education is an excellent stepping stone for the students to the international fashion scene. During the education, our academy also has brand and company projects as well as society and culture lessons. The knowledge the students gain from these projects and lessons, they can take with them directly into the fashion industry or to related companies and institutions after graduation. In this way, fashion theory is included as a tool used to place fashion in a societal, cultural context, and gives the student insight into the structures and working methods of the fashion industry.

The Benedikte Prize

Her Royal Highness Princess Benedikte is the school’s patroness, and the school has set up a fund from which the Benedikte Prize is awarded. The Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design (formerly the Margrethe-Skolen) has had the pleasure and honor of educating Her Royal Highness, who has since maintained her connection to the place.

The Benedikte Prize is a tribute to SAFD’s talented students, and it is awarded each year to a third-year student who has demonstrated an exceptionally high level of design skills and creative power. The award recognizes the skill and hard work that third-year students have put into their graduation collection. It is not only a symbol of recognition, but also a reward for outstanding achievements.

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Since 1931, SAFD (formerly Margrethe-Skolen) has educated a large number of the leading designers, stylists and business people in the Danish and foreign fashion world.

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In collaboration with In Futurum, SAFD has created the school’s sustainability strategy, which must ensure our climatic, economic and social values in the long term.

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