If you are ready to become part of a vibrant community of creative minds and pursue your passion for fashion and design, then SAFD is the place for you. Welcome to a student life full of opportunities, challenges and unlimited creativity!

Our students come from all over the Nordics, which provides an international atmosphere and the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences across cultures. You will build a network of friends and colleagues who will support you both during your studies and later in your career.

At Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design, student life is not only limited to the classroom. We offer a wide selection of workshops, fashion events, lectures and collaboration projects with the industry. This not only gives you hands-on experience, but also insight into the real world of fashion and design. You will learn how to turn your creative visions into reality and understand how fashion can affect the society around you.

At Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design, student life is not only about acquiring knowledge – it is about shaping your personal expression, challenging conventions and contributing to the global fashion and design industry.

Our 3-year education is an exciting journey into the world of design and fashion. Every day is an opportunity to explore your creative potential and develop your skills under the guidance of experienced teachers and professionals. Here at Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design, we not only aim to train skilled designers, but also committed individuals who understand the dynamics of the fashion world and its importance in society.

The study environment at Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design is characterized by collaboration, innovation and passion for fashion. Our campus, located in the vibrant center of Copenhagen, gives you access to a city full of inspiration – from trendy shops and fashion exhibitions to cultural events. This is a city that breathes fashion and you will find yourself surrounded by like-minded people who share your love of aesthetics and creativity.

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Meet The Interns

A film about Albert and Sofie's internship at T.VDB - Tom Van der Borght

Internship at SAFD

SAFD prioritizes preparing their students for a successful career in the fashion world by strengthening their business understanding and practical design skills. A crucial part of this preparation is the internship, which allows students to translate their theoretical knowledge into practical experience.

About the Education

Student life at the Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design is characterized by dedication, creativity and a passion for fashion that shares similarities with Copenhagen's own deeply rooted fashion values.

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