Course Description

Fashion Design is an all-round course that provides a comprehensive view of fashion with an exciting progression from techniques to developing creativity. In addition to versatile insight and knowledge, the course conveys the latest trends required by today’s apparel designers, whose work today ranges from developing the conceptual basis of collections, developing individual designs to delivering finished collections.

This course is for those who want to gain an insight into the fashion industry and the processes a designer works with to create a collection. The course gives students the opportunity to explore their own creativity and understanding of design. Furthermore, the course will give students the opportunity to explore the creative application of the latest trends in the design of textiles and garments, which will help students develop a greater practical understanding of fashion and its application in the design process.

The course gives you a practical introduction to Fashion Design, where you will receive both theoretical and practical training. In the class, you’ll meet like-minded people who, like you, want to improve their skills, and you’ll expand your network with experienced industry professionals whose goal is to provide you with tools and advice along the way.


By the end of the course, you will have an understanding of the following areas:

  • Creating collages and moodboards
  • The design process flow
  • Preparation of sketches and working drawings
  • Fashion drawing and coloring
  • Material science (teaching in various textiles)
  • Cutting and techniques
  • Sewing in stout/other material

Target Group

This course is for people who want to develop their creative skills. This includes:

  • Beginners
  • Entrepreneurs/Start-Ups
  • Students who want to refresh their design practice

There will be thorough and individual guidance for all students.

Course Certificate

Once you have successfully completed our course at SAFD, you will receive a course certificate confirming your completion of the course and its modules. This certificate will strengthen your CV and expand your career opportunities, and it will symbolize your dedication, skills and knowledge of the course’s professional content.


René Gurskov

René Gurskov graduated from the Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design (formerly Margrethe-Skolen) and has for several decades run his own fashion brand, which has been very successful in the Asian market. René also teaches at the school's 3-year education program.


You will be introduced to the course and expand your industry knowledge through a thorough introduction to the structure of the fashion industry and an overview of what designers do. Afterwards, we will start with idea generation, gathering inspiration through magazines, websites, etc. to build a collage that can inspire product development.

Continuing the work from the previous module, students continue to gather inspiration through magazines, websites, etc. to build a collage to inspire product development.

Building a mini-collection or product begins, based on the collected inspirational material. Here we will sketch/collage ideas in the form of garments, and there will be a continuous thread between idea generation and sketching/collage.

Work on building a mini-collection or product continues. Here we will sketch/collage ideas in the form of garments, and there will be a continuous thread between idea generation and sketching/collage.

Fashion drawing is introduced, and product development is introduced and considered. Product development is done by sketching and/or illustration via computer/tablet, focusing on form and function.

The sketches from product development are created as working drawings where dimensions, details and descriptions are added. The working drawings are created so that they can be used for production, where others can read how the design in question will be produced.

Select a detail, piece or design from the working drawings and make a pattern from it. The measurements given on the working drawings are transferred to pattern paper to create pattern pieces for the selected part.

The pattern pieces are transferred to the cotton canvas stout, which is a material used for sewing up sample models. The different parts are then sewn together on a sewing machine to form the chosen design in a three-dimensional model.

The work continues from the previous module, where students continue to work on the chosen design/product. During the module, there will be individual sparring, and students will receive ongoing feedback on their progress. tools that can be used, tips for implementation, etc.

The selected product/design will be finalized and we will review all solutions. Afterwards, there will be feedback and guidance on how students can use their newly learned knowledge and experience in their future career in the fashion industry.


Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email with all practical information, including what to bring to the start of the course. The course takes place at the school’s address Badstuestræde 1, 1209 Copenhagen K.

If you have any questions about the course, you can contact us via the contact information below between 9.00 and at 14.00 every weekday.

Registration and Payment

You can register for the course by clicking the “Enrollment” button on this page. Fill in the required fields and a confirmation will be sent via email.

Payment is made at registration and can be made with VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, Maestro, Apple Pay and Google Pay. All amounts are in Danish Kroner (DKK) and includes VAT.

If you are unable to pay with one of the above payment solutions, you may find an alternative payment option by contacting the school’s administration on tel. +45 33 13 09 26 between 9.00-14.00 every weekday.

Unless otherwise stated in the course text, withdrawal and refund of course fees can be made up to 14 days before the start of the course. After that, registration is binding and the fee is non-refundable. In the unlikely event that a team cannot be established, the full course fee will be returned.


Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design, Badstuestræde 1, 1209 Copenhagen K
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