The internship will make the students able to gain experience in a company and the opportunity to test their acquired knowledge and learning in practice


The students gets the opportunity to put theory into practice and the opportunity to test their skills in working with real issues and challenges in a fashion company. As an intern, the students will be involved in projects that support the continuous development of the company and to test their acquired skills in a professional context.

The purpose of the internship is as follows:

  • To give students an understanding of how fashion is included in a business context.
  • To provide students with a strong network and open new doors to the fashion industry.
  • To give the students insight into the companies working methods and processes.
  • To give students the opportunity to reflect on their own skills and career opportunities.

Learning and Curriculum

The internship is organized so that the students get an in-depth knowledge of the field, a designer is working in. In dialogue with the company the student formulates an issue that will be the basis for the students work in the company as well as the practical task to be handed over after completion of the internship. SAFD encourages the students to apply for an internship. The school helps with support and network in the search process, but it is up to each student to secure an internship and complete the tasks made during the internship. Should this in some cases fail, the school offers an alternative program with special emphasis on immersion, professional knowledge and practical experience. The students will perform a case study at the end of the project.


The students have the opportunity to take an internship at the schools fifth semester. For the student to start an internship, an internship contract should be approved. Internship contract should be completed by the student and subsequently approved and signed by the SAFD administration.