Study Tour

Annual study tour to Paris, which gives the students an insight into the mecca of culture and fashion. The study tour will provide insight and experience in the professional fashion industry and create an industry-relevant network that can be further developed during and after the education.


The students are tasked with covering the fashion week in all its aspects, such as interviews with designers and show-people, attending established and upcoming designers’ fashion shows and analyzing street trends such as street style, etc. At the same time as covering the various fashion shows, the students visit various showrooms, fashion agencies and concept stores.

In addition, there will be visits to the well-known Couture Salons as well as the large and small fabric sales, the small whimsical accessory boutiques, current exhibitions and galleries, the trendy neighborhoods and fashion boutiques etc.

Upon returning to Copenhagen, all material is incorporated into a project around fashion, trends, concept and collection.

Learning Objectives


The student

  • Must have knowledge of the fashion industry in an international context.
  • Must have knowledge of phenomena, theories, trends and events in the present, which can be the subject of development of business ideas and product development.


The student

  • Must be able to acquire skills to collect information, impressions and experiences and analyze and convey them into ideas and concepts.
  • Must be able to make qualified conceptual and design decisions based on knowledge of society and culture.


The student

  • Must be able to acquire skills to prepare projects and prototypes based on trends, information and experience in an international context.
  • Must be able to apply creative and analytical skills to business and product development, which includes knowledge of trends and megatrends.
  • Must be able to acquire new knowledge, skills and competences in relation to culture and trends in a structured context.
  • Must be able to develop the opportunities identified in connection with cultural analysis, trend spotting and forecasting and direct realization from an entrepreneurial perspective.